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How to automate an Arch Linux installation

For those who have not tried this amazing Linux distro called Arch Linux, I would strongly recommend you give it a try. Try to understand what it is all about before giving these automation scripts a spin. In a nutshell Arch Linux is a minimalist Linux distro for users who are more experienced, likes to mess around the terminal and customize it. Basically it is designed to make it “Yours”.

What Arch Linux differs from the mainstream distros such as Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS is that those have periodic releases. It is good and all, but upgrading to a major version can sometimes be a nightmare and people just do fresh installs every 6 months? Maybe. This is what I love about Arch Linux, there is no notion of “releases”, rather they have this concept called a “rolling release”. What this means is that you just update all your packages and your system will stay updated with the latest and greatest…

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Top 5 AngularJS Interview Questions

Whether you are the interviewee or interviewer, these top curated AngularJS interview questions and answers will help you prepare for your upcoming job interview as a Frontend Developer. A job interview might be stressful to many, most if not everyone will need to go through this process at least once in their career. Everyone has to do it and it should not be feared. Having said that, there are couple of techniques to overcome these fears and make it less intimidating and a more enjoyable experience…

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